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Perfection Velvet Blush

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Natural Finish: Jasmine Mix Rose Essential Oil are added to the blush. Select natural rose and jasmine petals to be distilled into essential oils. The powder is pressed through careful technology, adding essential oils, make the blush have rose and jasmine fragrance. Both rose and jasmine have the function of moisturizing and soothing the skin, and can be used on sensitive skin.
11 Shades: There are 11 shades in total, which can fit your skin tone requirements and make your skin tone match the suitable blush.
Fine Powder: The powder is as light as smoke, and the fine powder can be well pigmented on the face.
Soft & Silky: The blush is soft and silky, blends evenly into the skin, naturally brightens the skin tones, blends perfectly with the skin, and highlights your facial features.
High pigment: High color rendering, easy to apply, color in one stroke, can create a natural finish, not easy to fall off all day.

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