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2 Pcs Pure Natural Lip Oil (Day & Night )


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Pure Natural Lip Oil is divided into daily edition and night edition:
[Daily Lip Oil] Daily Lip Oil contains SUNFLOWER SEED OIL and BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER, which can visibly smooth lip surface, slough away dead skin, deeply moisturize the lips, improve the dryness of the lips; Daily Lip Oil can not only be used alone, as a primer before lip makeup but also can be overlayed on lip makeup like lip gloss to create watery jelly lips
[Night Lip Oil] GLYCINE MAX OIL and HONEY EXTRACT are added to the Night Lip Oil, which can enhance the vitality of the lips, promote the growth of lip cells, reduce lip wrinkles, and repair the lip skin
[Day and Night lip oil] This lip oil set provides day and night double care. Day and night cross-use, your lips will be refreshed and glamorous
[Waterproof] The Pure Nature lip oils have a waterproof effect, can form a protective film on the lip surface, care the lips for more than 8 hours

daily and night edition:
Soften and Moisturized
Slough away dead skin
Reduce lip wrinkles


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